Retriever Powered by NPC on Measures for Merchants to Strengthen Data Security

A renowned market leader in payment processing services and technology, Retriever Powered by NPC provides flexible commerce solutions to utility and health care providers, property management firms, restaurants, supermarkets, and online businesses.

Merchants must remain up-to-date with data security concerns in the ever-changing world of online commerce. When preparing data security management policies, executives should consider the type of payment technology their businesses offer consumers. Using compliance-enabling payment technology, such as masking and virtual terminals, will reduce the risk of a data security breach. A mobile device management strategy should be implemented to deal with the security concerns of using tablets and smartphones.

An essential task for any business is ensuring the security of the on-site wireless network. An expert will identify any security loopholes. Business leaders are advised to monitor the hardware that accepts payments on a regular basis to identify any potential data skimming. Those who use Payment Card Industry guidelines can reduce the PCI Scope around Tokenization. Finally, beyond transaction-based data, data released from systems through to social networks should be examined. Retailers are required to protect and effectively manage this valuable and sensitive information.