Retriever Powered by NPC – A Wide Range of Payment Options

Dedicated to keeping consumer payment information secure and businesses safe from fraud, Retriever Powered by NPC provides a wide range of both electronic and physical payment solutions. One of the largest providers of debit and credit card acceptance, Retriever Powered by NPC features a secure point-of-sale terminal to give customers the convenience of different payment options, and makes it easy for businesses to accept all of a customer’s possible payments securely.

The company’s centerpiece application, NPC Secure, is one of the most flexible and most secure payment apps available, and all it requires to work is an Internet connection. Featuring recurring payment options and the ability to easily issue credits or voids, the application can handle eCommerce, telephone, and in-person transactions. Fully compliant with PCI standards, the app requires no additional software to protect cardholder data. Additionally, the application allows multiple users to log in with different user rights, making it easy for medium-size and small businesses to employ.


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