About Retriever Powered by NPC

Serving small and medium merchants in the U.S., Retriever Powered by NPC provides payment processing services and technology to more than 200,000 companies. The firm offers both point-of-sale and electronic card processing, enabling businesses to process payments wherever their customers want to pay. As an added benefit to the firm’s direct processing services, Retriever Powered by NPC employs specialists trained to help clients choose the most suitable payment processing method for their particular needs.

Retriever Powered by NPC processes payments for companies operating in a variety of industries. The company’s clients include healthcare providers, utility providers, tax agencies, and property managers, as well as retail, restaurant, supermarket, and Internet businesses. As a result, any type of client can be set up to accept major credit card and debit card transactions, as well as loyalty and gift cards, increasing a business’ revenue potential by offering its customers a greater diversity of payment options.

For clients with brick-and-mortar locations, Retriever Powered by NPC offers a wide range of equipment made by reliable, highly regarded manufacturers. The company offers contactless, wireless, and standard point-of-sale terminals, as well as check readers, imagers, and card readers. The firm also allows for the addition of services such as data security and technical support in order to provide a complete payment processing system regardless of the type of equipment or method of processing.

Headed by a management team applying more than 200 years of combined experience to their leadership of the company, Retriever Powered by NPC has operated in the payment processing industry since the 1960s. Combining its strong history with solid technical expertise, the company provides clients with a convenient and reliable payment processing system with the flexibility to meet evolving market demands.


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