Advances in Payment Processing Equipment Offers New Options

In this age of continual technological advances, consumers have to be increasingly aware of the threats to their privacy and financial security that stem from utilizing credit cards online and other forms of mobile web-based financial transactions. In response to this growing threat, advancing tech companies around the globe are developing new and increasingly secure mobile payment strategies and tools.

One tech firm in Louisville, Kentucky, offers all of these advantageous new payment methods in its new line of products, Retriever Powered by NPC. A full line of equipment and services offered by Retriever Powered by NPC is available on its website at or by phone at 877-453-5933.

One of the company’s premier new mobile-payment products, the Vivopay 4500m, is a contactless payment device that functions similarly to the traditional magnetic stripe payment device, except that it allows users to tap or wave their payment cards to facilitate the transaction. The result is a faster and easier method of payment processing for both vendors and customers.