New Online Reporting Tools Make Business Management a Breeze

A suite of new services being developed by the tech industry seeks to take the pain out of running a small business by keeping fully automated digital and detailed reports. The best part is that some of these services are offered without even requiring the user to download any software. Cloud-based systems now allow business owners access to critical transaction and batch information by simply logging on.

One company developing such a tool is Retriever Powered by NPC. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Retriever Powered by NPC offers, its new online reporting utility that facilitates viewing of transactional information, fraud control, online statements, and more in a secure and safe web-based environment. Technology like this is making businesses easier than ever to run from home, vacation, or anywhere. More about how can revolutionize a business is available by contacting Retriever Powered by NPC at 877-453-5933 or visiting its website at