Integrating Payment Processing for Off-line and Online Shopping

Retriever Powered by NPC is a company acquisition of the Vantiv brand organization. Operating out of Louisville, Kentucky, Retriever Powered by NPC oversees solutions for payment processing for retailers and merchants who run small-to-medium-sized enterprises in the United States. Payment processing is an important subject for both merchants and consumers; the system used should make it convenient to shop online and by smartphone, as well as in the store.

According to one survey that was conducted by the Accenture Company, around 50% of the respondents said they believed the retail experience could be improved by integrating payment purchases across all shopping channels, thereby making it convenient for shoppers to combine their online or mobile experience with their in-store activities.

For example, some shoppers use coupons in a store, which they retrieve from their tablet or mobile phone. Brick-and-mortar retailers also send special offers via a customer’s smartphone. As a result, payment processing today must also make it easy for buyers to use online, mobile, and in-store channels seamlessly while they are browsing or making a purchase.